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2015 TEAM

Welcome to our 2015 Offseason Development Team Page.  Teams are all based on Register but will be a completed as high performance rep environment team. 

Next Steps

  1. Review items on page

  2. Complete Registration Form 

  3. Nexus Rep will Contact will additional details.

Cost - $500 - 800.00 Approximately | plus hst

Dependant on number of tournaments ^


Additional Notes - 

Players that enrol in our offseason development teams will have the option to enrol in our

  • Offseason skill development program

  • Offseason Strength and Conditioning program

  • Offseason High Performance Camps

Pre Team Evaluation Skates

We're running a pre offseason evaluation skate for the 2015 boys. 

This skate is to evaluate the players of intrigue and group appropriately.

Dates -


Cost - Zero


Team Building Event

Nexus is excited to host a comprehensive team-building development event, featuring a parent meeting to discuss summer details, jersey distribution for players, and our inaugural team meeting. The event will encompass on-ice skill sessions, skating treadmill workouts, and a dedicated team-building activity, ensuring a holistic approach to player and team development.

Date - Early May 

Time - 3 Hour Event 


Team Skill Skates

We will run a minimum of 4 pre tournament development skates. 

These will be used to not only help improve players overall development but introduce team structure as required.

Dates - TBA



We will prioritize two main tournaments for this summer with a potential to add a third tournament. Our focus is to creating an experience around the sport and will focus on;

Tournament 1 -

Title - Toronto Summer MeltDown

Date - June 14,15,16

Tournament 2

Title - Niagara Falls Classic 2

Date - July 12, 13, 14


2015 - Nexus Team Registration

Completion of this form shows you have intrigue in Nexus Teams. A Nexus Rep will contact directly to go over next steps.

This is not a confirmation of enrolment.

Player Information

Thank you for Submitting.

A Nexus Representative will be in touch shortly

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