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Mini Me

Welcome to our Mini Me Ball Hockey Program, a fantastic introduction to the world of hockey specially designed for our youngest athletes under the age of 6. Our primary goal is to create a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere where toddlers can explore the excitement of hockey while having a blast. At the heart of our program is the belief that a strong foundation is built upon loving the experience, having fun, and fostering comfort in the facility. Before stepping onto the ice we need to love the idea. Here's a glimpse into what our program entails:

Playful Atmosphere

Our Mini Me Ball Hockey Program is all about creating a playful and inviting atmosphere that makes toddlers excited to participate. We understand the importance of a positive environment in shaping early experiences, which is why we infuse every session with energy, enthusiasm, and a lot of smiles.

Get excited about Hockey!


Facility Familiarization

Getting comfortable in a new environment is essential for young athletes. We take the time to familiarize toddlers with our facility, ensuring that they feel at ease and excited about each session. This familiarity helps build confidence and establishes a positive association with the program. Our foundations is built on the longevity in pursuit of hockey, this starts at the beginning. 


Personalized Hands-On Approach

Our experienced coaches understand the unique needs of toddler athletes. They actively participate in activities, guiding and encouraging children through each step. This hands-on approach fosters a sense of security and connection, allowing toddlers to explore hockey with confidence.


Gamified Challenging Engagement 

We believe in creating a balance between comfort and challenge. Our program gently pushes toddlers to explore new movements, build coordination, and interact with others in a gamified environment. These challenges are designed to be exciting and achievable, boosting the toddlers' sense of accomplishment.





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