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4 - Intro to Hockey Skills

Welcome to our "Intro to Hockey Skills" Program, the final and crucial element in our toddler development model. This program is designed to introduce young athletes to the fundamental skills required to excel in the game of hockey. As with our previous programs, our unwavering foundation is built upon creating a love for each session, ensuring that every child remains excited to learn and grow. Here's an overview of what this program has in store:


Love For the Game 

Our foremost objective in the "Intro to Hockey Skills" Program is to instill a deep and lasting love for the game of hockey. We believe that when children genuinely enjoy their sessions, they become motivated to continue their journey in the sport.


Intro to Hockey Related Skills

In this program, young athletes are introduced to a wide range of hockey-related skills, including:

  • Skating (continued): We will continue to help our toddlers skating mechanic with more emphasis around skating with puck.

  • Stickhandling: Learning to move the puck with precision, control, and creativity. Flow and consistency 

  • Shooting: Developing the proper shot foundation, good muscle memory as toddlers grow.

  • Passing: Foundation of controlling the direction of puck movement.

  • Non-Puck Skills: Understanding the importance of positioning, teamwork, and game sense. (intro)


Preparing for the Next Level

Our "Intro to Hockey Skills" Program serves as a bridge to our minor athlete programming, following our first development pillar of "Building the Skill Foundation." It equips young athletes with the essential skills and knowledge needed to confidently transition into the next phase of their hockey journey.


Building Lifelong Love for Hockey

Ultimately, our goal is to nurture a lifelong love for hockey in these toddler athletes. We aim to provide them with experiences that they will carry with them as they continue to grow and evolve in the sport.





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